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Human Resources

The Brazilian branch of Pyou, the first international subsidiary of the Lavoropiù Group, offers tailor-made solutions to the requirements of companies wishing to establish themselves or that already have activities in Brazil and Latin America.
Founded in 2012 in the heart of the country, São Paulo, Pyou has a team of specialists in Human Resources and the local market.
International experience, local market knowledge, agility, and flexibility, as well as a specialized team of Recruiters, all together allow our Latin American subsidiary to offer excellent performance in:

  • Recruiting
  • Executive Recruiting Search
  • International Recruitment
  • HR Consulting
  • Staff Leasing
  • Information Technology Body Rental


Recruiting is the Pyou’s service aimed at companies wishing to identify new resources to be included in their staff.
Our database currently has 10000 curricula of local scope and 20,000 curricula of international origin. In our Research operations, we use the main job boards as well as specialized selection channels.
Our work begins with an in-depth analysis of the business structure of our clients. This also touches on values, strategic objectives, and corporate culture. In this way, we can collect information that will make it possible to select resources fully aligned in terms of both hard and soft skills.
This working methodology, beginning from the goals of both realities, ensures maximum compatibility between the profiles of candidates and what the company is looking for.
This is the standard of excellence that customers have always recognized in every activity of the Lavoropiù team. We are always attentive to analyzing together with the company the professional profile of the required figure, the objectives to be achieved together with the selected resource, the company’s growth plan.

Our selection process is thus attentive to every detail:

  • analysis of the organization and business needs
  • processing of a Job Description shared with the customer
  • publication of the job offer on specialized recruitment platforms
  • individual interviews
  • shortlist of highly qualified candidates to choose from
  • assistance during the contract negotiation
  • follow-up after the introduction of the resources in the company

Executive Search

Pyou’s Executive Search  is the consulting service specialized in the search for professionals of strategic importance in terms of business evolution and growth.
Focusing on middle & top management profiles, the Executive Search process adds to the classic recruiting procedures an even more detailed check of the reliability of candidates and their foreign language skills Moreover, Pyou offers in specifics cases, previously accorded, replacement guarantee.

The service is further enhanced by a series of personalized actions for:

  • specific needs of the client
  • industrial sector
  • required business task
  • national and/or international coverage

All this with the aim of always ensuring, with respect to the roles required for the Brazilian market, the
identification of the best profiles, with a high level of competence in the Portuguese language.

International Recruitment

The service is aimed at companies looking for professionals outside their country of reference.
The Everywhere division of the Lavoropiù Group guarantees global coverage of all search and recruiting processes in the Executive Search area.
Using the services of Pyou, our customers have at their side a partner combining international experience and full knowledge of the Brazilian territory in terms of:

  • market
  • language
  • cultural habits and traditions

HR Consulting

Pyou’s HR Consultancy service is dedicated to companies interested in implementing a differentiated recruiting process and/or understand in detail the possibilities related to human resources in their reference sector. In this work, we support our clients in activities such as:

Talent Management: service of analysis and behavioral evaluation of the profile of candidates in selection.

Payment Benchmarking: service of salary analysis, availability and/or technical competencies of professionals by sector/geographic area.

Staff Leasing

The Staff Leasing service is a flexible and fast contractual alternative.
This way of working relationship allows the integration of professionals in the company structure quickly and with a very low impact in terms of administrative requirements.

The Staff Leasing service offered by Pyou consists of a minimum of three months of employment and includes:

  • management of hiring processes
  • employee management
  • management of administrative obligations

This allows our customers to bring experienced professionals into the company without the burden of direct management of bureaucratic formalities.


ICT Body Rental

Pyou offers companies in the technology sector the opportunity to get in touch with highly specialized professionals in the field of IT services.
This mode of service requires at least three months of employment.
Lavoropiù will directly manage the administrative and contractual obligations relating to the relationship with the professional.

Sarà Lavoropiù a gestire direttamente gli adempimenti amministrativi e contrattuali relativi al rapporto con il professionista

Lavoropiù do Brazil

The key factor of our services is our commitment to identify the best profiles corresponding to your needs. With its knowledge and skills, our staff will identify quickly the best candidates, seizing every available opportunity.


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